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Retailers are welcomed to contact Paragon for special order of our easels. Or you can order  your own company brand name easels from Paragon International arts.
Pottery Tool Set
All the basic pottery tools required for the starters as well as for the professionals.
ceramic tool set
SPS-100S1 8-Piece Pottery Tool Set  

Sculptural Knife Sets
These tools provide sharp cutting edges. Used for cutting and trimming ceramic or clay.

Wooden handles with metal ferrules.
sculpting tools wire end tools
SPS-608W1 8" 6-piece double-headed wire knife. (set on the left)  
SPS-608T1 8" 6-piece double-headed ribbon knife. (set on the right)  

Wooden Clay Knife Set
Used for fine shaping and finishing work. Great 15-piece set.
clay knife
SKS-15206 15-Piece Wooden Clay Knife Set  


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