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Retailers are welcomed to contact Paragon for special order of our easels. Or you can order  your own company brand name easels from Paragon International Arts.
Crystal Brush Sets
Top quality golden taklon brushes made by masters of brush-makers. The seamless nickel ferrules are attached to hard acrylic handles with scraper ends.

These brushes carry color very well which provides the ability to create fluent strokes. Ideal for watercolor.
watercolor brush watercolor brush set
WBN-CRS43 Filbert brushes from #2 to #16. Set of 8.  


WBN-CRS48 Flat brushes in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1".
Set of 7.                                                    


Long's Brush Sets (Sales: Please check
These high quality synthetic brushes are wonderfully resilient. They spring back to a find line just right. Also these brushes are ideal for artists who like to use the technique - "Thirsty."

You don't need to settle for lower quality brushes because Paragon offers these high end brushes at very competitive prices. You will love them after you try them.

The Long's brushes have short white wooden handles with blue tail wrapped in seamless nickel ferrules.

WBN-LS171 Filbert. Set of 7.
Size:#0 - #12



WBN-LS151 Flat. Set of 7.
Size:#0 - #12
WBN-LS596 Round. Set of 8.
Size:20/0, 10/0, 5/0, 0, 1, 2, 4, 6
filbert brushes
flat brushes
round brushes
Classy Brush Set    
Professional quality brushes with excellent color holding capacity. Firm tips give you great control of fine lines.

The brushes are made with double color synthetic hair with black tips, and with seamless black ferrules on long stained wood handles.
round brush set
WBN-38RS5 Classy - Set of 5. Size: #2, #4, #6, #8, #10  
Magnate Brush Set  (Sales, please check out at
This set of round artist's brushes have aluminum ferrules wrap around colorful handles.
watercolor brush
WBS-25212 Magnate - Set of 12. Brush size from #1 to #12.  
Paragon Specialty Brush Set
This set of professional quality brushes includes different sizes and shapes for your different painting needs.

The seven synthetic hair brushes have short acrylic handles with round ends. A great set with a great price!
watercolor brush
WBS-CL007 Paragon Specialty - Set of 7.                
Super Fine Brushes
Beautifully made with top fine sable hair. Sharp points are good for delicate lines. Nickel ferrules with black handles.
watercolor brush
WBS-411R0 Super Fine - #0                           
WBS-411R2 Super Fine - #2                           
WBS-411R4 Super Fine - #4                           

floral palette ractangular palette folding palette
WPP-RD201 A Round Palette - Most economical palette. Light-weight. 10 mixing wells. 7.5" diameter.  
WPP-RT301 B Rectangular Palette - More mixing area than round palette. Good value. 6.5" x 9.5"  
WPP-FD500 C Super Strong Palette - Heavy duty. Very durable and easy to clean. 5.5" x 12"  
WPP-DF503 D Double Fold Palette - 4"x 8"  
trifold palette
WPP-OV602 E Oval Plastic Palette - 11" x 14"  
WPP-OV6003 F Plastic Palette - 10" x 13.75"                 
WPP-TF504 G Triple Fold Palette - Best Seller. 4.75" x 10"  

Please check all sales at:

Carrying Tubes
carrying tube storage tube
WCT-YMBL1 A Plastic expandable carrying tube. Heavy duty. Black. (L=29.5"-53", Diameter=4")  
WCT-YMBM3 B Plastic expandable carrying tube. Heavy duty. Black. (L=24"-43.5", Diameter=3.25")  
WCT-YMBS5 C Plastic carrying tube. Two sections. Student grade. Black. (L=18"-31.5", Diameter=2.5")  


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